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December 2007 Pictures Many Christmas markets, Joel's Birthday, Nicholas tag, DDDE Christmas party, Janina's birthday at Meer4 Kids, Decorations and Christmas at home.

November 2007 Pictures Kerwe in Hatzenbuehl, Sugar skulls, Karson painting, a Birthday party, Circus in town, Thanksgiving, Christmas caves in Valkenberg NL, Christmas prep.
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November 2007 Pictures Kerwe in Hatzenbuehl, Sugar skulls, Karson painting, a Birthday party, Circus in town, Thanksgiving, Christmas caves in Valkenberg NL, Christmas prep. December 2007 Pictures Many Christmas markets, Joel's Birthday, Nicholas tag, DDDE Christmas party, Janina's birthday at Meer4 Kids, Decorations and Christmas at home.
September 2007 Pictures Mosel Valley view, Soufflenheim pottery fest, Esch casement, Dragons, Knights at Kita, Pamina bike ride, Hatzenbühl bike ride, DDDE office picnic, Karson's 5th birthday at home and parties, Harvest Church, Bike ride to Wörth. October 2007 Pictures Cannstatter Wassen Volksfest; Viv and Doug Visit- Karlsruhe, Bike rides to Winden and Herxheim, Black Forest, Around Hatzenbühl; Train ride at Möbel Gilb, Pfarrfest Horse parade, at Home, Birthday party for Sue's friend Nicole, Volksmarch in Waghausel, Halloween.
July 2007 Pictures Ostrich farm fest, Kindergarten Sommerfest, France- Butterfly farm, Monkey and Eagle Mountains, Strassburg, Sessenheim, and Seebach (wedding fest), at Home with Urlaubs Fish, Wheatfield painting, and Stuffed toys. August 2007 Pictures Ketsch Fisch Fest, Minfeld farm, Gleisweiler fest, Landau Zoo, Kurpfalz Park Wackenheim, Jockgrim Kerwe, Schwarzwald weekend, Jockgrim Medieval Fest, Hatzenbühl Sommernacht Fest, Bike Ride on the Weinstrasse, around Home and Hatzenbühl.
May 2007 Pictures Maastricht (Netherlands), Landau Maimarkt, Burkholder's visit, Erpolzheim Weintag, Nürnberg city and Playmobile Park. June 2007 Pictures Paris vacation, Scheibenhardt German-French Brückenfest, Fronleichnam, Bike Ride, Karson at Kindergarden.
March 2007 Pictures Mandelblutenfest in Gimmeldingen, Circus Montana, Easter Garland at Home, Kita Spring Wanderung, Lennon/Journey Concert, Kita Gruppe fest, Karson's Friend Viktoria's Birthday Party. April 2007 Pictures Easter Factory at Adams Hof, Kaiserlautern Gartenschau, Easter, Schwarzwald Weekend in Koenigsberg, Rastatt castle, Rülzheim Ostrich Farm and Petting Zoo.
January 2007 Pictures New Year's, Amsterdam weekend, Around home, Karson's sunflower painting, Soccer practice, Sledding. February 2007 Pictures Fasching at Kindegarden and Several Fasching Parades and Parties, Karlsruhe Zoo, Around Hatzenbühl, Reptilium in Landau, Meer4Kids in Offenbach.
November 2006 Pictures Around Hatzenbühl, St Martin Kindergarten Umzug (parade), Hatzenbühl Kerwe, Thanksgiving, Hanging Santa up in the tree. December 2006 Pictures Heidelberg and many other Christmas Markets, Santa, DDDE Xmas party, Nicholas Tag, Karson the Potter, Rudesheim Rhein Cruise, Bornheim Nativities, Christmas with Anne and Phil, Home Christmas decorations, Christmas eve and day, Christmas circus, New Year Eve.
September 2006 Pictures Black Forrest, Kandel feuerwehrfest, Mussbach weinfest, Winden and Minfeld Farm tours, Landau herbstmesse, Rheinzabern Roman Oven and Garden, Bellheim Grumbeerfest, Antwerp Belgium, Karson's 4th
Birthday Parties, DDDE Picnic, Cannstadt Wassen Volksfest.
October 2006 Pictures Doug and Viv Visit- Amsterdam, Cologne, Rheinzabern, Kandel, Heidelberg, Karlsruhe, Jockgrim, Winden, Weinstrasse, Wiessembourg, Party at Adams Hof. Buddy. Herxheim, Biking in the woods, Flammkuchen at Werner and Thea's, Halloween at home and at PHV.
July 2006 Pictures Strassbourg Tour d'France Start, Cologne cathedral, Scheveningen beach, Den Haag, Madurodam, Kijkduin, Eis, Ford last day, new Honda, Karson painting, Bad bergzabern Bunker, Soccer in hatzenbühl, Das Fest in Karlsruhe August 2006 Pictures Gleisweiler wein and art fest, Totenkopf mountain, Deutschland Tour (bike), Karson's room, Hatten (France) WWII Bunker and Museum, Betschdorf (France) Pottery and Storks, Walk and bike in fields around Hatzenbühl, Wörth- 900 years parade and fest, Silz wild animal park, Castle Barwarstein, Anne & Phil visit, Karlsruhe Mideaval fest, Rheinzabern, Schonnenberg Fortress, and Hatzenbühl Musik Fest.
May 2006 Pictures At the Landau Zoo, Kids zone, Patio cleaning, Mother's Day, Nana's Visit! June 2006 Pictures Home, Hatzenbühl Boule fest, Kindergarten 10 year birthday bash and parade, Jockgrim Volksmarch, Fronleichnam, Kite flying, Playing with Lena, Picnic with Mama, Watching World Cup, Scheibenhardt fest, Nana's visit... Landau circus, Black Forrest.
March 2006 Pictures Around home and town, Frankfurt Natural History Museum, Playing with Lena, Kita 10th anniversary at the Church, Hambach castle. April 2006 Pictures Karson at Hayna Playground, Soufflenheim Easter Egg Market, Playing ball, Easter Sunday, Gimmeldingen Mandelblutenfest, Karson on stage, Being bears, Landau Maimarkt, Hayna Hexennacht.
January 2006 Pictures First scooter ride, Regensburg Weekend, Making snowflakes, Knight Costume, Playing Drums. February 2006 Pictures Fasching in Germersheim and Herxheim; Kindergarden fasching, play, and walk in the woods; around home making valentines and more
November 2005 Pictures At home, visiting the Oehm's, St Martins day, First 2005 snow, Trimming the Christmas tree. December 2005 Pictures Christmas markets, Santa, Snow, Christmas!
September 2005 Pictures French Pottery fest, Karson's first day at Kindergarten, Walking in the fields, Funny hats, Big red dog, Karson's 3rd Birthday, Dino place, at home and in the garden. October 2005 Pictures Karson in Kindergarden, Horse parade in Hatzenbühl, Cannstadt Wassen fest, Pumpkin patch and carving pumpkins, Trick or treating, around home
July 2005 Pictures
Fun with fruit, Biking and Boule in Hatzenbühl, Hayna tabakfest, Cookout & fun at home, Speyer Brezelfest, Hördt stadtfest, Karson's first painting, Bretten Petting Zoo, and many Tour d'France pics
August 2005 Pictures
At home, out, picnic on the Rhein, the back yard, Karson reads to Buddy, Vacation in PA
May 2005 Pictures
Karson with his first bike, first dentist visit, at Landeck castle, at home, Froleichnam in Hatzenbühl, Luisenpark in Mannheim, visit from Tony, Birkenstock Factory, Fairy tale park.
June 2005 Pictures
Dinosaurs at the garden show, Black Forrest trip, boat ride, petting zoo, bike ride, Rohrbach weinfest, play group picnic, Karson's first painting, around home
March 2005 Pictures
Easter day, Braunfels castle, Wiesbaden, Animal park, playgroup, and around home
April 2005 Pictures
Karson outside, at home, at the pool, at the Handkäse fest, and Joel's trip to Queen's Day in Amsterdam
January 2005 Pictures
Bad Herrenalb, a new baby, walking in the fields and woods, hiking and sledding in the Black Forrest, hat fun with papa
February 2005 Pictures
Fasching in Germersheim and Herxheim, making valentines, after bath fun, snow fun, Karson & Papa on the stairs, sledding in the back yard with friends
November 2004 Pictures
Pictures of Karson around home, Thanksgiving, Christmas Photo Shoot
December 2004 Pictures
St. Nicholas Day in Hatzenbühl, making a Gingerbread House, Heidelberg Christmas Market, Pictures of Karson around home, at Church Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Sledding in the Black Forrest, reading and jammin' with Papa
September 2004 Pictures
Pics from our 3 day bike ride, around Home, Bad Bergzabern, Pamina Bike Ride, Tractor fun, Wörth art, Karson's birthday at Playgroup, Visit from Dar and Missy, Karson's 2nd Birthday party, Rheinzabern bauernmarkt, Cannstater Wasen Bier Fest
October 2004 Pictures
At Home, in Dierbach on the rides, in Amsterdam, at Cannstatter Wasen Bier Fest (again), at the Potteries in Soufflenheim France, Washing windows with Lucy, Halloween Party at Playgroup, Weekend In Hamburg
July 2004 Pictures
July vacation In Den Haag and Scheveningen, Amsterdam, Monkeys and Birds in Kintzheim France, Rheinzabern 1950th Birthday, Karson's 1st Haircut, around Home, out Biking, and various Fests.
August 2004 Pictures
Speyer Kaisertafel, Bike ride, Kieselbronn Volksmarch, Rheinzabern Kerwe, Volksmarching in Hohenwettersbach, Hatzenbühl Musikfest & around home.
May 2004 Pictures
Mostly Pics of our vacation at home in Pennsylvania
June 2004 Pictures
Slow month, some pics around home and around town
March 2004 Pictures
Gimmelgingen Almond Blossom Fest, Karson around the house and at playgroup. Kind of a slow month in pictures. Joel went to a wild Apres Ski party, complete with snow bunnies, but forgot the camera... and we went to see Jeanette on Friday the 19th, but again no camera.
April 2004 Pictures
Michelstadt Germany, Buddy & Karson in the garden, Easter, Castles on the Neckar, and more pics of Karson.
January 2004 Pictures
Weekend in Berlin, Hiking in the Black Forrest, around home, and on the train.
February 2004 Pictures
Volksmarch, Karson, Jelena Gora Poland Orphanage visit, Fasching in Germersheim, Heidelberg, & Rheinzabern, and a weekend in Amsterdam.
2003 December 2003 Pictures
Lots of Christmas markets this month - Valkenberg and Maastricht Holland; Jockgrim, Deidesheim, and Neustadt Germany; Wissembourg France; and of Course Christmas Eve and Day; plus other shots around home.
November 2003 Pictures
Hamburg, Germany short vacation; Souffleinheim, France & Pottery; Karson's Santa shoot; Karlsruhe Christmas markt; Hatzenbühl Christmas Markt! and around home.
October 2003 Pictures
Assorted October pics including Halloween, Stuttgart Cannstatt fest, Strasbourg, and more.
September 2003 Pictures
Karson's first birthday, fests, bike ride, Oktoberfest, Bad Durkheim Weinfest, our trip to Paris, and assorted pics.
August 2003 Pictures
Assorted August pics and a page of pics from Joel's Weinstrasse bike ride.
July 2003 Pictures
Several pages of pictures and events from July 2003... Karson at the beach, animal park, and at home.
June 2003 Pictures Several pages of pictures and events from June 2003... Karson, Kuhardt 900 Jahre fest, Corpus Christi Parades and fest, more
Steinweiler Dorffest
May 29, 2003
Vacation in the German Alps. Garmisch, Zugspitz, Oberau, Oberamagau, Schloss Neuschwanstein, more!
May 23-28, 2003
Bath day & at the Germersheim Festungs Fest. May 18, 2003. Karson in his walker May 17, 2003.
Mother's day Pics May 11, 2003 in Schwetzingen. Family Pics At Home May 3 and in Landau May 4, 2003
At the Hayna Hexen Nacht Fest April 30, 2003 Family Pics April 26-29, 2003
Easter 2003, Karson's first easter April 20, 03 Karson, with Papa, Mama, & toys April 19, 03
Karlsruhe Easter Show & market April 6, 2003 Karson's first real food, & with Mama & Papa April 4-6, 2003
PA Visit with Delancey Clan Mar 1-14, 2003 PA Visit with Hess/Finney Clan Mar 1-14, 2003
PA Visit with Hair Clan Mar 1-14, 2003 PA Visit with Mentzer/Rynard Clan Mar 1-14, 2003
Karson Drinking with Papa, being cool with Mama, & getting ready to go to USA Feb 27-Mar 1, 2003 Karson smiling for Papa & swinging Feb 1-2, 2003
Karson & Buddy Jan 27, 2003 Karson, Baby Lucas Karn & Sue Dec 25, 2002- Jan 4, 2003
Karson & Crew 5-19 October 2002 Oma Finney and Becky meet Karson, Karson's first bath, Rothenberg visit, more! Karson, with Joel & Sue & Buddy October-December 2002
Karson Hair's Birth Announcement 23 Sept 2002 Bruchsal Schloss Beautiful Schloss we visited on 11 Oct 02 with Oma Finney & Becky.
More pregnant pics at 7 1/2 months. Also some pictures of the progress in the nursery. 8/02 DDDE Employee Appreciation Day Picnic 14 Sept 2002
Pregnant Wench Pictures Pictures of Sue at 6 months. A token Dad pic too. 6/19 & 22/02. Baby Shower
Pictures of the baby gifts we received, 9/2002
Tabakfest Hayna July 02- Tobacco fest in the neighboring town of Hayna. Great fest! Volksmarches In June & July 02
A few more house pics Including the Guestroom and Nursery. 6/22/02 June 23 Journal Since we arrived we've attempted to keep a journal of our adventures and everyday life. It's ended up as a "time to time" thing, better than nothing... Something we can read years down the road and enjoy the memories. Here's a sample from June 23 that tells of our week, with a couple pictures, even one of us. Joel wrote this one (so it's rather long), Sue writes most of the entries.
Our House in Hatzenbühl Pictures of the house we're renting. 6/2002 Visit to Holland Amsterdam, Tulips, Miniature Village, more! 4-13/14-02
Easter market in Bad Durkheim on Sunday 3-17-02 FLAG- Families Learning About Germany A great 1 week class we attended, pictures of Friday's field trip to Heidelberg. 3-15-02
Cherry Blossoms at Schwetzingen Palace garden 3-10-02 Our Temporary Apartment in Germany (2/02) Oftersheim, Germany (near Heidelberg) We moved from a room on the local base to here while attempting to find a house to rent.
Fasching Parade in Ludwigshafen 2-10-02 Similar to Mardi-Gras, a wild time. Rothenberg o.d. Tauber 2-23-02 A medieval town, completely surrounded by a huge wall; and a huge tourist draw. We volksmarched here 2/23/02.
Miscellaneous pictures from 2001 Sue's tattoo, home, friends, NYC
Christmas 2001 with the DeLancey Clan More Christmas 2001 Finney & Hair Families and SRVC Holiday Party
Sue's 40th Birthday (8/9/01)- At the Office.
Atlantic City Weekend
On the Boards, beach, and Boating in Atlantic City (8/3/01-8/5/01)
Pet pictures from 2001 and A few from Joel's trip to Germany in 4/01 Grandma Delancey's Birthday party 6-1-01 and 4th of July at Bills
Braydon Fithian's Birth Announcement Page- 6/16/01
Hess Descendants Family Reunion- 7/29/01Family group photos and candid shots!
Joel's Dad- Robert Hair's 70th Birthday Party!- 2/24/01
Sue & Joel's Trip to New Orleans, 3/2-3/8/2001
Amazing Party Town!!! See Voodoo Sue & the Snake, Bourbon Street "sights", Crypts, Riverboat, Trolley, more!!
Joel's Oldies 1956-1958    Posted 1/11/01
Baby Pics, Relatives, Newspaper article from
Aunt Naomi's 30th Birthday Party- 1958
Joel's Aunt- Betty Wilson's 75th Birthday Party, 1/28/01
Christmas Eve 2000- At the Mom's Christmas Day 2000- The DeLancey's
Cousin Terri's Housewarming 12/9/00 Dinner At Bube's Brewery, 12-23-00,
Featuring the DeLancey gang!
Vacation 2000 - Germany and Paris 5/24/00-6/11/00 Misc. 2000 Pics- Us, Pets, German Volksmarch, ...
Sam & Jackie Black's 40th Anniversary 10-31-99 Germany Pictures- From Joel's trip to Germersheim, Aug/Sep 99
Buddy's Picture Pages 99. Featuring Molly, Jasmine, Cody & Copper, and Buddy! Grandma Delancey's 88th Birthday. 6/99
Race pics from the 1999 Pocono, Pennsylvania 500. July 99 Christams 1999
Sue's Sister Emily's Bridal Shower (Summer 98) Emily & Brian's Wedding (Sept 28, 98)
Em & Brian's Reception (Sept 28, 98) Buddy's Obedience School Class Pictures! (Spring 98)
Medieval Feast, Celebrating Bill & Cher's 20th Anniversary! (Sept 22, 98) Christmas 98
Susquehanna Rovers Christmas Party 98
Us & the Pets (97) Christmas 97 w/ Buddy's first Christmas Pics
Christmas 97 at Sue's Grandma DeLancey's Christmas 97 at Joel's cousin Vicki's
Christmas 97 at Sue's Mom Anne's Christmas 97 more from Vicki's
Some General Family Pics (97) More General Pics (97)
Vacation 97 Cape May, NJ Vacation 97 Sunset over the Delaware Bay